Branding is the method of creating a unique identity for a product, service, person, business, or organization. A unique identity is created through a name, mark, symbol, or phrase. A name, mark, or symbol is often referred to as logo, and a phrase is often referred to as tagline or slogan. The intent of branding is to create, build, and establish an identity that delivers a perception of value to its target market or audience. This concept of value is what differentiates a particular brand versus its competition in the customer’s mind. This is what motivates a customer to choose a particular brand over another.

When we talk about branding and its intent to deliver a concept of value to its target market, we cannot ignore the valuable role that an effective domain name plays. We cannot achieve effective branding if we do not acquire the right domain name.

What is the right domain name? It is a domain name that will give us credibility and trustworthiness. Choose a .COM top level domain.

If we invest in dot COM domain names, our name branding process already benefits from the start just by choosing the most established top level domain name. We cannot ignore the benefits of choosing the right dot COM domain name; it carries an intrinsic, unbeatable value in name branding.

It is important to choose a domain name that our customers will remember. Its sound and image must suggest the concept we want our customers to know, retain, and trust. We want the name to stick in their minds; we want our brand to occupy a space in their minds.